Denver Metro Water Quality Assessment Tool

The Urban Waters Partnership and the Water Connection invite you to explore the health of waterways in the Denver metropolitan area with this interactive and innovative Water Quality Assessment Tool. Use the storyline, maps, graphs and data sets to investigate E. coli pollution in the South Platte River basin. Information once stored in databases is now at your fingertips!

Explore the tool here!

Launch the Water Quality Assessment Tool

The Water Quality Assessment Tool allows for a uniquely interactive experience that makes visualizing and understanding water quality data more accessible than ever. The tool allows you to view the big picture, or zoom in for more detail. This tool is accessible to the public, decision-makers and research scientists. It can be used to investigate baseline conditions, delve into regional trends, and can help inform solutions to urban water pollution.

We invite you to explore the Water Quality Assessment Tool, share it with others and send us your feedback via the survey provided in the tool.

We’re pleased to announce that Phase II of the Assessment, which will evaluate additional data categories, is funded and under development so keep an eye on this site in the future.