Rootine Athletes
Brianna Decker3x Olympic Medalist & US Women Ice Hockey Captain
Brian BurnsNFL - Carolina Panthers
Matt BrownUFC Welterweight
Taylor Gold2x Olympic Snowboarder
Lu BarnesNWSL - OL Reign
Tyler McCumberPGA Athlete, 3x Mackenzie Tour Winner
Lauren SesselmannOlympic medalist + former NWSL athlete
CJ SapongMLS - Nashville SC
Lucas FosterUS Olympic Snowboarder
Miranda MaverickUFC Flyweight
Ognjen Topic3x Muay Thai Champion
Tia WrightCrossFit Athlete
Austin HubbardUFC Lightweight
Ty LongNFL - Los Angeles Chargers
Cam WilliamsMLB - Kansas City Royals
Cortney JonesNIH Track, No. 2 all-time in 100-meter hurdles
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