December 1, 2017

The Water Connection

THE WATER CONNECTION (TWC) is the water resources and policy initiative of The Greenway Foundation. TWC is a regional venture that fosters civic action and technological innovation for resilient Colorado watersheds. TWC brings academic, industrial, environmental and governmental leaders together while connecting concepts, disciplines, people, projects and resources. We promote and facilitate regenerative water systems, improved water quality and sustainable water infrastructure.


The Water Connection (“TWC”) is hosted by  The Greenway Foundation which has been actively engaging communities and restoring urban waterways since 1974. TWC works with a regional consortium of cross-sector organizations focused on water quality, water protection, and water awareness, with an emphasis on enhancement of the ecological infrastructure systems that affect water resources in the Denver metro area.

All water in a watershed moves through a cycle of use and reuse in a closed system. This closed system reflects the concept of “One Water.” As defined by the Water Research Foundation: One Water is an integrated planning and implementation approach to managing finite water resources for long-term resilience and reliability, meeting both community and ecosystem needs.

The Water Connection (“TWC”) is working with cities, utilities, businesses, environmentalists and the agriculture community to protect water resources and advance dialog and progress around this One Water system.

TWC advances One Water progress in our watershed by:

• Connecting people to water on an individual and agency basis and raising watershed awareness in the Denver metro area.

• Leading and supporting initiatives and projects that can lead to change, either through direct action by TWC or by convening partners for shared successes.

• Working for improved water quality in the South Platte River watershed by focusing on trash and storm water as primary contributors of visible and non-visible pollutants.

• Focusing on innovation in technology, practice, partnerships and funding.

• Facilitating policy discussions and improvements for a healthier watershed.

TWC is being developed as the catalyst for innovative and collaborative work, a place for ideas and projects to take hold, and a home for thought leaders in various professional communities who share an interest in water. We also move beyond thinking to action, facilitating and implementing tangible and visible projects such as trash removal, increased flow in the river, and providing resources and outlets for demonstration of new products and practices.

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