December 22, 2017

Applied Innovation


Through collaborative efforts and unique approaches, The Water Connection drives innovative solutions addressing current and future water challenges. We bring together resources from education, government and the private sector for a multi-sector approach to projects and challenges.

• Gutter Bins are In!  Pilot of 12 Gutter Bins installed around Denver!
Even though Denver appropriately prides itself on being a green city, the South Platte River and its tributaries are a default trash receptacle for our city due to a number of source challenges, including the hundreds stormwater pipes that release into these urban waterways. ​
One way that The Water Connection is tackling this issue is partnering with Frog Creek Partners for a pilot program for Gutter Bins in Denver. These devices sit in storm drain inlets and catch trash and debris as it washes off sidewalks and streets, and keep it out of our urban waterways.

Six bins around Park Ave and I-25, five around Civic Center Park, and one in Larimer Square were installed on April 18th and April 19th. Thank you to Frog Creek Partners for innovating, creating and installing such promising and effective devices! This program, in partnership with the City and County of Denver, will help create cleaner urban waterways for everyone in Denver.

The Gutter Bins found their way to Colorado through TWC’s “pitch” of the problem of urban waterway trash to innovators and entrepreneurs at the “Tap-In” event sponsored by the Colorado Water Conservation Board. The goal of the event was to facilitate solutions to complex environmental problems by connecting end users with start-up businesses and cutting edge practices and technologies. The result? TWC successfully connected with a start-up business owner, Frog Creek Partners, and we are collaborating for a pilot project to test their new stormwater filtration device.

Other innovative work:

• As the water resources arm of The Greenway Foundation, TWC is led an innovative and collaborative drive to maximize the Chatfield Environmental Pool. This project represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide additional flow in the South Platte River through Metro Denver. This project will serve as a model of collaborative water management practices that can be replicated in other water basins to meet our growing regional water challenges.